Blade Gallery

The blades shown here are some representative examples of the various blade shapes and how some of the veneer choices will appear when used as outer plies.
Blade: Alaskan Yellow Cedar<p><br />Handle: Bubinga and Purpleheart
Blade: Mahogany<p><br />Handle: Padauk
Blade: Amapa with Walnut edge<p><br />Handle: Myrtle
Blade: Wenge<p><br />Handle: Padauk and Cork
Blade: Black Limba with Ash edge<p><br />Handle: West Red Cedar
Blade: Birdseye Maple<p><br />Handle: Mopani
Blade: Wenge with Ash edge<p><br />Handle: Myrtle
Blade: Smoked Eucalyptus<p><br />Handle: Padauk
Blade: Bloodwood<p><br />Handle: Bocote and East Indian Rosewood
Blade: Tasmanian Blackwood<p><br />Handle: Padauk and Bocote
Blade: Bolivian Rosewood with Ash edge<p><br />Handle: Pacific Yew
Blade: Teak<p><br />Handle: Yellowheart
Blade: Alaskan Yellow Cedar<p><br />Handle: Hawaiian Koa
Blade: Smoked Eucalyptus<p><br />Handle: Yellowheart and Wenge
Blade: Bolivian Rosewood with Ash edge<p><br />Handle: Western Red Cedar
Blade: Fiddleback Mahogany<p><br />Handle: Bubinga
Blade: Mottled Anigre<p><br />Handle: Bubinga and Cocobolo
Blade: Purpleheart<p><br />Handle: Maple
Blade: Amapa<p><br />Handle: Ziricote and Bocote
Blade: Mahogany<p><br />Handle: Cork