The Wave U-S-B

The Wave is a 5-ply Ultra-Slow defensive Blade that absorbs the energy of the incoming ball like a sponge. This lightweight and flexible blade provides massive braking effect. A high percentage of the blades thickness is made up of transversely oriented grain, which provides great flexibility. The soft outer limba plies enhances its control. A blade for those with a close table blocking style.
The Wave blades below use one of the oversized head shapes (see the Shapes page). However, this composition can be made with other shapes and handle styles to suit your preferences.

Captions list the handle type

What people are saying about The Wave U-S-B

I used some Red, OX D-Tec (Sans the glue sheet), not the Spezial, today on one of my Ross Leidy Wave U-S-B blades and I was amazed at the control and precision. I was able to push very forcefully and keep the ball low. Brush blocks and pull back blocks were superb and the braking effect was enormous. The reversal was very acceptable when chop blocking.

I was amazed at the consistency of the bounce across the face of the blade.

Thomas Huff

A beautiful piece of woodworking and a marvel of engineering in terms or ergonomics.

The beauty was not just skin deep.