This unassuming 5-ply composition belies its surprising speed. Its 6.4mm thick balsa core supports double layers of mahogany plies, which all combine to create a very stiff and very fast blade. When applied to a smaller blade shape (like the J-Pen shown below), it can also be quite lightweight. The relatively soft mahogany outers provide good control on blocks, while the thick balsa core provides rigidity and acceleration when attacking.

The Gauss blade below uses the J-Pen shape (see the Shapes page), however, the composition can be made with other shapes and handle styles to suit your preferences.

What people are saying about Gauss

Even with the rubber on and hurricane being quite heavy rubbers the blade is still light as air.

The blocks are quite easy to maintain, easy to control and direct.

Power output is quite uniform if for slow and medium power but when reaching into the hard/very hard zone its almost exponential ( what ever u give it it gives double)

Theres plenty of sound no matter how soft you hit the ball. on the softer hits its rather dull but not too dull, when it comes to the harder ones it gets quite crisp and loud

Dmitry Firsov

Blocking is very comfortable and very easy to control, the ball drops at a decent height, with plenty of feedback, the ball doesn't catapult so much like it did when I tried out a Yasaka Musashi with T05( less controllable, but quite fun).

With Ross's blade the ball tends to travel in a more direct line then drop like a brick onto the table but with speed and force, where a with the Musashi the ball was moving in more of an arc going quite high then down like a loop

Dmitry Firsov