Sotto Voce

The blades in this offensive series share a common core and medial plies, but vary the outer ply to fine-tune the final speed and touch.

These 5-ply blades feature a balsa core, ipe medial plies, and a choice of a soft control wood for the outer plies. Ipe is one of the hardest and stiffest species of wood, and in these blades, it performs a similar function as carbon does in a composite blade, creating a very rigid platform for the softer outer ply. The ipe delivers speed with a large sweet spot and the softer outer ply introduces dwell time - the combined result is a fast blade that can still deliver a delicate touch. The hardness of the ipe somewhat dampens the sound that often accompanies balsa blades. The Sotto Voce may speak softly, but it delivers a knockout punch.
Table Caption
Outer Ply
Western Red Cedar






Alaskan Yellow Cedar






The Sotto Voce blades below use one of the compact head shapes (see the Shapes page). However, this composition can be made with other shapes and handle styles to suit your preferences. I'm still exploring this series, so if there's an outer ply that you'd like to use on a blade, please contact me.

Captions list the outer ply and blade speed.

What people are saying about Sotto Voce

This blade is even better suited for me than the Mizutani Jun because in terms of speed, as this blade is a little slower than Mizutani (still a fast blade). I'm able to block more consistently and my loop against backspin is even better. I do have to generate more blade speed myself if I'm off the table at mid-range.

Overall I'm happy with this blade.

Cheok Ng

My pursuit of the perfect blade is finally over! The smaller surface with the type of wood provided more handling flexibility. I also notice remarkable improvement in control and spin. The type of wood causes the ball to stay in contact with the rubber longer, resulting in more controlled spin. The search is over this blade with Tenergy 64 rubber will put you right with the pros.

Tamer Nagy

It's fast, at least as fast as Mizutani, but still controllable. The balance is just perfect. Great medium as scheduled! Not head heavy, not handle heavy. The feel is stiff and soft. The sound is high and clear. I played at ease immediately.

The blade is indeed beautiful, Thanks!!!!!!!!!

Took me a few rubber combo's to get a good match. I settled on Donic Desto F3 BS backhand and Donic Traction MS forehand. The blade is hard, harder in feel than most Carbon blades that I have come across. Hard but not lifeless, It has good feel and control. I had my second bounce with it last night and with this combo (rubber's) it is a looping and loop drive machine. The sweet spot is extremely huge and bigger than any blade I have played with. It blocks like the proverbial brick wall and a huge power reserve for put away shots.

Andre' Chin