When experimenting with various blade compositions, some designs naturally stand out among the rest. The ones listed below I consider my most exceptional designs. The details of each all-wood composition are provided along with the blades's playing characteristics. Select your blade's composition from one of these proven designs, or if you're feeling adventurous, create your own compositions based on my extensive inventory of veneer and core materials. After choosing a composition, check out the blade shapes and select one to use for your blade. Some compositions lend themselves to certain head shapes, however, any of the compositions can be built using any of the blade shapes.

To discuss details or to order a blade, please contact me via the contact form.

Sotto Voce

Sotto Voce is a family of offensive 5-ply blades, each featuring a balsa core, ipe medial plies, and soft outer plies that temper the exceptionally hard and rigid ipe base. The result is a blade with a large sweet spot - fast, but with a delicate touch.



Rapscallion is 5-ply blade with a kiri core, mahogany medial plies, and beautiful masur birch outer plies. The blade has a noticeable yet controllable flex that is perfect for loopers.



Gauss is a thick 5-ply balsa core composition with an explosive response. Its 6.4mm thick balsa core supports double layers of mahogany plies, combined to create a very stiff, very light, and very fast blade.


The Wave U-S-B

The Wave is a 5-ply Ultra-Slow defensive Blade that absorbs the energy of the incoming ball like a sponge. This lightweight and flexible blade provides massive braking effect.


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